SeaSCAN has the flexibility to quickly design, fabricate, and test special marine seismic source client requirements. Our role as a service provider in the exploration sector varies greatly depending on our clients needs. SeaSCAN has the experience and resources to provide everything from a highly portable modular shallow water tuned array, used in the shallow water theater with emphasis on OBC and transition zone work, to an all inclusive shooting package to include platform, navigation, geophysical equipment and personnel for use in deeper water arenas.

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  Tri-Cluster® center
weighted point seismic source eight (8) gun array is capable of operating from 80 cui thru 1200 cui, or dual 1200 cui for a total of 2400 cui.
  Tri-Cluster 80 cui
  Tri-Cluster 880 cui (1x880)
  Tri Cluster 1200 cui
  Tri-cluster 1760
  Tri Cluster 2400 cui
  Tri Cluster Data Sheet  
Mini Sled
  “Mini Sled” which is based on the Tri-Cluster center weighted package operates from 40 cui to 600 cui.    
  Mini Sled 40 cui
  Mini Sled Data Sheet  
H Frame
  “H” Frame source array that provides an acoustic seismic source from two air guns to four operates from 40 cui thru 160 cui.    
  H Frame 160 cui
  H Frame Data Sheet  
USW 220 Array
  “Ultra Shallow Water” (USW 220 Array) provides an Acoustic Seismic Sound Source utilizing two air guns from 220 cui single array or 440 cui using dual arrays.
  Single USW Array 220 cui
  Single USW Array 440 cui
  Dual USW Sled 880 cui
  USW 220 Array Data Sheet  
USW 440 Array
  “Ultra Shallow Water” (USW 440) Sled provides a Acoustic Seismic Sound Source utilizing four or eight guns from 440 cui single array or 880 cui using dual arrays.
  USW 440 Array 440 cui
  USW 440 Array 880 cui
  USW 440 Array Data Sheet  
Airmaster A-300
  Diesel driven water cooled marine seismic air compressor producing 300 SCFM
(standard cubic feet per minute)
  Airmaster A-300 Data Sheet  
Vertical Stacked Array
  “Vertical Stacked Array” utilizing two 210 cui air guns operates at a total of 420 cui.
  Vertical Array Data Sheet  
Gun Control System
  Hot Shot Data Sheet
  Long Shot Data Sheet
SeaSCAN Source Array Air Control System
SeaSCAN Source Array Air Distribution and Regulator System
Stark 100 SCFM Ingersol Rand Self Contained Compressors
SeaSCAN Hydraulic Control Pedestal for the Launch and Recovery System
SeaSCAN Self Contained Portable Power Pack to Support Overhead Rail Launch and Recovery System
Overhead Rail Launch & Recovery System
SeaSCAN Surge Tank